Prevention is the only cure for lifestyle diseases.

Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Services for prevention of lifestyle & workplace diseases.


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Arvind Savargaonkar

Arvind Savargaonkar


Serial Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in healthcare domain. Experienced with successfully founding and scaling technology ventures. Entrepreneurships include Concept Integrations, a medical technology company that reached customer base of 3000 hospitals and Concept Embedded Systems, a software technology venture that catered to embedded and communication technology leaders in USA. Arvind is passionate about building affordable and scalable solutions to deliver benefits of advancements in medical technology and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Kumar Gururajan

Kumar Gururajan


Software Professional turned Entrepreneur with 20+ years of professional experience. Executed several complex transformation programs in Software for Leading Financial Institutions. Kumar’s entrepreneurship includes Tuscano Equipments, which was acquired by a large medical technology company. Kumar is a peoples’ person with mastery in building operations and scaling them. Kumar is passionate about bringing positive change to peoples’ lives through healthcare technology.

About Us

The knowledge revolution of recent past has affected us deeply and irreversibly bringing major lifestyle and environmental changes to our lives. Our life expectancy has increased multi-fold bringing new challenges in its wake. Many of us are already affected or likely to be affected by modern age lifestyle diseases. The alarming fact is that many of these diseases are irreversible and will affect us for rest of our lives once they set in. Even while we aspire to lead long and healthy life, the affordability of healthcare is diminishing. The only CURE to these maladies is PREVENTION.

This challenging environment demands an innovative and trustworthy partner who can create health-aware work environment at your workplace and deliver on enhanced workforce productivity and efficiency. We, STREBEN HEALTHCARE, have experience and expertise to meet these needs for Corporate Employee Health and Wellness Services. STREBEN HEALTHCARE offers the combination of Technology with Medical Expertise to offer the Services at the comfort of the workplace Our onsite paramedical team works closely with you for health monitoring and intervention needs. We are backed by a large medical specialist panel with experienced specialists. We are empowered by an innovative medical records platform that provides unmatched health analytics and empower employees to be healthy.

We strive to deliver the best healthcare service for prevention and management of lifestyle and workplace diseases. We firmly believe that a healthy workforce builds successful organizations.


Streben Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

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